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Are you familiar with The Center for Child Welfare? If you have anything to do with the Child Welfare System in Florida, then you should be! We are a one stop shop for training, resources and information for anyone working with or caring for children and families in Florida. We invite you to attend our informative live webinar where you can learn about our core functions and how we help the entire system of care. Find out what resources we have available in our extensive knowledge library and learn how you can view our online training to earn training hours.

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Presented by: Dr. Martie Gillen, Associate Professor -University of Florida, Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Training Description: This webinar will provide an overview of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). TBRI is a holistic approach that is multi-disciplinary, flexible, and attachment-centered. It is an evidence-based, trauma-informed intervention that is specifically designed for children who come from hard places, such as maltreatment, abuse, neglect, multiple home placements, and violence. TBRI® consists of three sets of principles: connecting, empowering, and correcting. We will explore the risk factors that influence the way children think, trust, and connect with others. A discussion of how these risk factors can change children’s brain development and brain chemistry will be included. Attendees will receive strategies and tools to help children along the path to healthy connection and functioning.

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This webinar from the Department of Children and Families will provide a detailed overview of the screeening requirements for adults employed to work in a residential group home setting. The webinar will also include a walkthrough of the screening process flow from start to finish. Common concerns and best practice tips will be discussed.

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This annual conference anticipates 250 child welfare professionals and community partners including attorneys, child advocates, Child Protection Team, relative, foster & adoptive caregivers, Guardians ad Litem, law enforcement, service providers, DCF staff, case managers and child protective investigators. We are seeking knowledgeable, dynamic speakers to present topics that will enhance attendees understanding and knowledge in an array of areas related to child welfare.

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